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IGCLA Presents:


24th-26th September,2021

Champions are not made in moments of victory, But in the hours, weeks, months and years they spend preparing for it!

1. MELA Quiz
The Music, Entertainment, Literature and Arts quiz has been a fan-favourite in all editions of IGCLA! This year we return with a bigger and better Online version of it! Buck up and let your knowledge shine! 

Available for FREE to all Delegates opting for:
(a) Undergraduate Regular Plan
(b) Undergraduate Presentation Plan 
Date : 25th September 2021
Time : 5pm onwards

2. Marrow Medical Quiz
An ambitious and extensive Online medical quiz open to all MBBS undergraduates and interns! 
Aiming to promote scholastic excellence and competence through healthy and fair competition, our Medical quiz will make you whack your brains! 

Date : 24th September 2021
Time : 5pm onwards

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