IGCLA Presents:


24th-26th September,2021

Igcla aims to amalgamate our textbook knowledge with real life experience through various workshops in collaboration with specialties cardiology, neurology orthopedic and many more. The student clubs of KMC , Tempus Cutting edge and Justitia also collaborate with IGCLA to bring you exhilarating workshops in the field of emergency medicine, surgery and forensic medicine respectively. 

Some of the workshops we have had in the previous editions are : 

  1. Interventional Radiology

  2. Neurology – electroencephalogram

  3. Biophotonics

  4. Brain waves

  5. Wound care - Stapler suturing

  6. War zone

  7. Angioplasty Simulation

  8. Emergency medicine simulation

  9. Artificial organs

  10. Robotic surgery

1. POV of a Cardiologist

IGCLA 2021 brings to you a case-based workshop organized by our very own KMC Cardiology Department. The workshop would be hosted by Associate Prof.Dr.M Sudhakar Rao
Date : 26th September 2021
Time : 1:30pm onwards

2. Essentials of Polytrauma Management
This workshop aims to teach them on how to manage polytrauma cases ranging from basic stabilisation and life support to interactive discussions involving various cases. The participants  will be taught how to deal with critical, time-sensitive trauma situations. This will help them devleop the aptitude to work quickly and efficiently in such emergency situations and learn how to think quick on their feet.

Date : 25th September 2021
Time : 1:30pm onwards

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An online visual novel styled EM simulation - Every decision you make will take you closer or farther from saving the patient.

Date : 26th September 2021

Time : 1:30pm onwards

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Murder Mystery Dinner

Keep yours eyes peeled and scepticism high for this workshop, where anyone could be capable of murder.

Date : 25th September 2021

Time : 1:30pm onwards

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An engaging virtual mystery room where the participants manouver from one clue to another and crack the codes to arrive at a final answer.

Date : 24th September 2021

Time : 2:00pm onwards

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